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Probably the favourite treat in our household is a tray of chocolate tiffin and I have made it over the years in a variety of forms. This is our latest favourite combination and although you can’t go wrong combining chocolate, butter, golden syrup and biscuits, a few judicious additions can elevate the delicious to the sublime.
This is one of those recipes that you really can play around with to your hearts content. If you don’t want to use alcohol then a dash of vanilla, strong coffee or a grating of orange rind would be ideal but I find it is good to add some sort of flavouring. Vary your nuts, or leave them out altogether; try apricots instead of prunes or perhaps put both in! Those who don’t love ginger can just leave it out. It is probably one of the most forgiving recipes you can do and one thing is for sure, it won’t last long. Some people use rich tea biscuits but I prefer digestives. The amaretti add a lovely flavour but again, use whatever you have or whatever you like. Hobnobs?!! You can’t ever go wrong with a hobnob.

Here is my recipe; feel free to ad lib at will.

Line a tin approx 9” square with baking parchment

350g dark chocolate
140g unsalted butter
3 tablespoons golden syrup
Good pinch maldon salt
100g raisins
50g stoned prunes
3 balls stem ginger
1 tablespoon ginger syrup from the jar
25ml brandy/rum/amaretti
50 – 100g pecan nuts (toasted) how nutty you want it is up to you
125g digestive biscuits
75g amaretti biscuits

Melt the chocolate and butter together in a bowl over barely simmering water. Once just beginning to melt, add the syrup and salt. Stir until all all blended and smooth.

Meanwhile, soak the raisins in the alcohol if you are using it. (Best left for about 20 mins). Chop the prunes and ginger (make ginger quite small). Crush the biscuits using a bag and a rolling pin. Chop the nuts into small pieces.
Once the chocolate mixture has begun to cool add the dried fruit and stir to blend. Then add the biscuits, nuts and ginger syrup. Stir it all together well and put into your prepared tins, smoothing the top. Put in the fridge to set for at least four hours. Dust with icing sugar and/or cocoa and cut into squares.

Best kept in the fridge, hence the term fridge cake but we like to call it tiffin!!

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