Serves 10

Most granola recipes are laden with oil and sugar. This is a healthier version but every bit as moreish. Use whatever oil you like but I love the nutty flavour of hemp and it brings with it a power punch of nutrients.

2tbs flax seeds

50g sunflower seeds

50g pumpkin seeds

25g coconut flakes

25g flaked almonds

25g hazelnuts,

25g sesame seeds

50ml maple syrup

10g dark brown sugar

50ml hemp oil

Pinch maldon salt

Pinch cinnamon

150g organic porridge oats

Pre-heat oven to 150c

In a large bowl mix everything together well, massaging it all together. Tip into a shallow baking tray and bake for about 50 minutes, stirring well every few minutes until it is nice and golden.

Cool and store in a tin or a kilner jar.

Serve with your favourite yoghurt and some poached or fresh fruits.

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